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Brand Story

Founded in 1992, Huiyuan Group has established 130 operating entities all around China. It’s in closely relationship with fruit, vegetable, tea, and grain production bases with a total area of 10 million mu, and has built up a sales network and an agricultural operating system covering the whole country.

The group boasts an industrial layout headed by fruit juice production. Huiyuan Juice, Huiyuan Fruit, and Huiyuan Agriculture work together to support the development of Huiyuan Group.  

Our Quality

Huiyuan Juice has more than 200 world-leading fruit-processing and drink-filling production lines. It owns advanced technologies, such as cold pulping for the production of fruit pulp, ultra & macro filtration for the production of concentrated juice, Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and aseptic cold filling for drink filling. 

Huiyuan Juice has built up a series of quality, safety, and environment management system, and got certification of ISO9001, HACCP, ISO22000, OHSAS18000, and ISO14001, as well as the certification of FDA, GMA, BRC, SGF, and KOSHER.


Our Future

Holding “Bring Nutrition to the Masses and Benefits to Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas” as corporate mission, Huiyuan Group processes more than one million tons of fruit per year. It has developed, produced, and sold more than 600 types of healthy drink and food, and has led a new fashion of healthy consumption. 

In the future, Huiyuan will further extend to the highly processing of fruits and vegetables such as fruit granules and dried fruits and vegetables.

All Products

Orange 1L.png

Huiyuan Orange Juice 1L

Apple 1L.png

Huiyuan Apple Juice 1L

Peach 1L.png

Huiyuan Peach Juice 1L

Grape 1L.png

Huiyuan Grape Juice 1L


Huiyuan Hawthorn Juice 1L

Orange 200ml.jpg

Huiyuan Orange Juice Gift Set 200ml*12

Apple 200ml.jpg

Huiyuan Apple Juice Gift Set 200ml*12

Peach 200ml.png

Huiyuan Peach Juice Gift Set 200ml*12

Grape 200ml.png

Huiyuan Grape Juice Gift Set  200ml*12

Palm Juice.jpg

Huiyuan Prune Juice Gift Set 200ml*12

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