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About Us

Yunnan Ganqing Technology Co., Ltd. it's a beverage enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in its manufacturing operations, which meet QS food quality and safety certifications with our advanced equipment and techniques. 

In response to the trend in the food and drinks industry, Ganqing is a nature and healthy product without fragrance, coloring, preservatives and fat.

Our Product

Ganqing maximum keep dietary fiber that promotes cardiovascular health and digestive health. The major ingredient is Yunnan olives contains huge vitamin C and SOD ≥ 3270U/g, which its very good for inhibits oxidation and aging. 

The key feature of Ganqing is smoothes sore throats and moistening lung, specially good for people who smoking or the job need to talk a lots.


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Ganqing Jasmine Yunnan Olive Juice 330ml

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