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Brand Story

YHB, is a Taiwanese company which specialises in drinks and snacks marketed using cartoon and video game characters. YHB offer a range of flavored sparkling waters in Taiwan called Ocean Bomb.​

Using deep ocean water as the foundation of Ocean Bomb’s drinks to ensure quality, the founder of YHB Ocean Bomb devote lots of time to researching and exploring clean water sources in Taiwan.

Quality Control

In order to ensure the quality of each bottle of OCEAN BOMB, we spent a total of 336 hours in two weeks, placing each bottle of OCEAN BOMB at different ambient temperatures, and carefully testing the microbes and water quality stability. 

These drinks are HACCP certified and ISO 22000 certified as well, meaning they comply with all food safety requirements and production standards.

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Collect them all while it last!

Ocean Bomb's drinks features the beautiful artwork of your favorite animated characters. Character sets on the cans come from Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon,  One Piece, Ultraman, and more.

Best enjoyed chilled with its light yet fruity burst of incredible flavor, have this fun, collectible drink handy to defeat the toughest days.

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One Piece Sparkling Water Tropical Fruit Flavor 330ml

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Sailor Moon-Lychee.jpg
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Sailor Moon-Cucumber.jpg
Sailor Moon-Pineapple.jpg
Sailor Moon-Kiwi.jpg
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One Piece Sparkling Water Honey Lemon Flavor 330ml


One Piece Sparkling Water Mango Flavor 330ml


One Piece Sparkling Water Yogurt Flavor 330ml


Dragon Ball Sparkling Water Vanilla Flavor 330ml

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