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About Us

Taoyuan Food Co., Ltd is a manufacturer mainly produce puffed food. The company has 17 German imported automatic production line, 50 large extrusion equipment and 10 fully automated packaging equipment, the annual production capacity of 1,000 tons. 

Unique Tasty

Brand “Mr. Nobody Wu” registered on 2010, combined with traditional process production to improve the production process.

Basic on the traditional material, we add more than 11 raw materials, puffed then deep processing again to product this super crunchy and super tasty snack. Once you tried you can't stop!


Our Future

Quality control is the central point for company management. The company put “innovation, quality and efficiency ” into all links in the work. A growing number of influential large food supplier selected and become lasting partnership with us. 

Past years, Mr. Nobody Wu have met with great favor in the US market. In the future, company will adhere to market-oriented, customer-oriented and quality-based, bring Mr. Nobody Wu to more new markets.

All Products


Mr. Nobody Wu Crispy Rice Crust (Spicy Flavor) 210g

Mr. Nobody Wu Crispy Rice Crust (Steak Flavor) 210g


Mr. Nobody Wu Crispy Rice Crust (Sichuan Pepper Flavor) 210g


Mr. Nobody Wu Crispy Black Rice Crust 210g

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