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According to a legend in the 1980s, some starving tourists traveled to Liuzhou and came across a rice noodle restaurant that was closed; however, the owner still served them. The bone soup was out of order, and only snail soup was available, so the owner poured cooked rice noodles into the snail soup and served the tourists with vegetables, peanuts, and a bean curd stick side dish. The tourists liked the dish, which led to the owner improving the recipe and production process, slowly shaping the prototype of snail noodle soup. 

Unique Tasty

A bowl of luosifen is a delicious concoction with rich and complicated flavors: sour, spicy, savory and succulent.

Luosifen is made by boiling river snails and either pork or beef bones with a blend of more than a dozen aromatics, herbs, and spices for 8 hours, until the soup has taken on a "fishy smell," though the unique pungent odor actually comes from the pickled bamboo shoots that are served with luosifen.


The Culture

China's Ministry of Culture released the Fifth National List of Representative Elements of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China on Thursday, adding 185 items to the list, including the skills involved in making luosifen, the iconic noodle soup from south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Shaxian snacks, delicacies originating in Shaixan County in southeast China's Fujian Province.

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Happysnail Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodle 300g


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