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2024 Winter Fancy Food Show

Oh, we FANCY!

The three days 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show ended successfully!

With thousands of the newest and most innovative products in the specialty food industry on display, it's our premier opportunity to find the latest products and gain insight into current and emerging trends.

Ocean Bomb has gained a certain degree of popularity and support in the United States, so far we have Dragonball, Sailor Moon, One Piece and My Hero Academia these 4 series, this year we will bring the new series Naruto to the market which release on February, also the One Piece come with a brand new design.

I beat you can't stop it once you try! Difference from the traditional rice crust, Mr. Nobody Wu are super crunchy and super tasty. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Nobody Wu entered Costco last year.

Leasun Food was established in 1996, the main products are canned fruits. The texture are definitely better than what you find in local markets.

We appreciate all the love and support from all who came to our booth at the 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas! See you guys next year!


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