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2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

Oh, we FANCY!

First time exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show!

Already get back from Vegas almost 2 months but our memories still bring us back to the show everyday. We had a great time at the fancy food show and got to sample so many delicious products to people came from everywhere!

We bring 4 top sales brands to the shows, they are Ocean Bomb, Happy Snail, Aixiangqin and Mr. Nobody Wu. We had a blast at the Fancy Food Show visiting with our foodie friends and meeting new people!

Ocean Bomb's drinks features the beautiful artwork of your favorite animated characters. Character sets on the cans come from Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Rockman, Ultraman, and more.

Luosifen originated in Liuzhou, a city in China’s north-central Guangxi autonomous province. It features rice vermicelli soaked in a spicy broth, topped with locally grown ingredients including bamboo shoots, string beans, turnips, peanuts and tofu skin. Happy Snail is the No.1 Top Sales Brand in China.

Mr. Nobody Wu combined with traditional process production to improve the production process. Difference from the traditional rice crust, this product are super crunchy and super tasty, once you tried you can't stop!

Yay for fresh and yummy break! Each bread come with a individual inner package, it was awesome meeting the show attendees who loved Aixiangqin just as much as we do!

We appreciate all the love and support from all who came to our booth at the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas!


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